Nova Lightsource is a non-profit corporation and a member of the Novato Chamber of Commerce.


What We Do: Our Mission, Core Purpose
Nova Lightsource (NLS) is an advocate and fundraising resource focused on illuminating good works locally in the Bay Area that may not otherwise be widely recognized or showcased. We spotlight specific unpublicized programs in known or established non-profits, raising awareness of their unique merits to augment funding opportunities. Hence, shedding light where it counts.

Why We Exist: Our Core Ideology
At some time, all of us have or will be touched by critical life challenges, gaining strength and forging our character from what we endure. Having faced and overcome such obstacles, it is our obligation to help others in like circumstance while giving back to those who helped us on our own journey.

Who we Are: Our Core Values
Nova Lightsource (NLS) was founded on giving back in service to our community that has served us so admirably. We collaborate with local non-profits, assisting them with fundraising initiatives and research.

Where We're Going: Our Vision
Offering a world-class model for nonprofits, NLS goal is that the programs we spotlight gain increased recognition and funding in their own right, become role models for similar programs beyond California and have their good works replicated across the USA/internationally.

How We Work: Some Examples
Events: Weekend wine tastings, Sunday high teas, Saturday dinner concerts at which programs will be promoted.
Education: Speakers and subject matter experts at events, webinars, PSA's on our website.
Donations: Direct and through purchase of local artists' fashion, paintings, jewelry.
Gifts & Keepsakes: Raising funds through products and mementos sold online.